The Arthur Andersen alumni
network is alive and well

Danish alumni of Arthur Andersen have joined forces to sustain the firm culture of Arthur Andersen Denmark by maintaining the www.aa.dk website which originally was registered back in august 1996.

The Danish member firm of Arthur Andersen has not been operative since June 1, 2002 at which time all activities were sold to Deloitte Denmark  

The underlying reason behind this is initiative is a desire to sustain and promote the unique Arthur Andersen culture and close friendship ties which ex-Arthur employees have. 

Arthur Andersen & Co. was established in the USA in 1913 and when it ceased operations in 2002,it  had 85.000 employees worldwide.

The first Danish Arthur Andersen office was opened in 1962 and in 2002 it merged with Deloitte. During this period, hundreds of people worked at Arthur Andersen Denmark.

The Arthur Andersen Denmark alumni network is supported by the following:

  • a dedicated external website
  • an annual gathering of alumni held on the last Saturday in October
  • an Arthur Andersen Denmark  Alumni group on LinkedIn

On the occasion of the Firm’s centennary on December 1, 2013,  a book describing the history of Arthur Andersen in Denmark was published ( only in the Danish language). The book is humourously entitled “The First One Hundred Years” with reference to the books published on the 50th and 60th anniversaries of the Firm in 1963 and 1973 respectively. It is printed in the exact shape, coloring and font of the books from 1963 and 1973.

Any enquiries can be directed to  postmaster@aa.dk