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Artikel om jubilæumsfesten i Danmark

John Andersen har skrevet en artikel om 100-års jubilæumsfesten, der blev publiceret den 21-11-13 på det globale AA site.

During the 40 years 1962 -2002, Arthur Andersen existed in Denmark above 800 partners and employees have been through the doors.

125 of them gathered on October 26 to celebrate the 100 year anniversary for AA &Co.

The event took place in the basement of one of the leading Copenhagen Theaters, "Det ny Teater" where we had a room for ourselves but with sculptures of actors looking down to us from the Balcony.

A lot of talking took place as we gathered since most of the attendants knew about 100 that they would like to talk to.

A spendid dinner was served and several speakers praised the Firm and everyone toasted and shouted loudly "Long live Arthur Andersen"

A fantastic night with so many old friends - some of which for the past 10 years have had similar gatherings but limited to 60 to keep it close and cosy.

But always on the October Saturday that ends daylight saving time - in order to have one more hour to party (or sleep) on Sunday morning.

Jesper Jarlbæk has further initiated that 2 journalists have interviewed a lot of people to get the story out in Danish on the 100 US and 40 Danish years of Andersen.

The writing ended last night and the printer should have the book ready for publication on December 1, so that it can be sold on that day.

The title of the book is:  "Arthur Andersen & Co
The First One Hundred Years" but the remaining part of the book will be in Danish and about 200 pages long with at lot of pictures. Such as a rating form from 1957 (5 years prior to any Dane being employed with AA&CO) but prepared by Norwegian Johan Harr on Danish engagement by a staff person from the Paris office (his name is not shown, but he became later a partner with AA).

Also, just received by mail packet today, Larry Katzen`s "And you thought accountants were boring"... which I am looking forward to read.

I am sure that our book will be very similar in that respect since so many of our alumnies emphasized the extreme AA combination of hard work and lots of fun - starting with FASTS courses that created lifelong friendships.

Best regards,
John Andersen

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